Projects performed by the Social Dialogue

Projects performed by the Social Dialogue, Furniture
March 2012

Occupational Health and Safety

  • FACTS, Furniture and Woodworking Industries Acquis Communautaire Transfer System, 2005 in 10 new Member States
  • FACTS 2, 2007-2009, implemented in Bulgaria, Croatia, Rumania and Turkey
  • FACTS 3, 2009-2011, in conjunction with EFBWW on EU OHS legislation in the Balkan countries
    • During the FACTS projects, dozens of seminars were organised in the different countries and close to 1000 companies were given an information audit. The EU OHS legislation concerning the sector now is available in more that 15 languages and a self auditing system is active on the internet.
  • FAR, Furniture Accident Reduction Campaign 2007 introduced in Oporto, identification of best practices in accidents reduction campaigns in the furniture sector
  • FAR 2, to illustrate the best practices in accident reduction campaigns in 6 countries
  • FAR 3, to present the best practices among 2 other Member States and to assist 4 countries in the execution of selected best practices.
  • FIWEC, Furniture Industry: Improvement of Working Environment & Conditions identification and promotion of best practices
  • NANOtechnology in the furniture sector: identification of use of nanotechnology and evaluation of risks to the users

Other subjects

  • FIRST, Furniture Industry In Restructuring : Systems & Tools, 2007 – 2009: development of a series of working tools to assist the companies going through restructuring.
  • WAVE: Enhance the Value of Work in the Furniture Industry to Attract Young People: identification of the promotion campaigns in the EU furniture sector to attract young people to the furniture sector.
  • WAVE 2 Selection and the transposition of two campaigns to Rumania
  • VET, Vocational Education Training as a first step towards a sector skills council