2000 – shangai


“Al termine della cerimonia di premiazione dell’edizione 2000 del Chinese Funriture Design Competition della cui giuria ero presidente, l’editor di China Furniture Magazine mi rivolse alcuni quesiti riguardanti la definizione di design e le sue relazioni con la storia e la cultura cinese.

Mi piace riportare qui di seguito le mie risposte”

1st January 2001


Dear Ms. Sara Tian,

will you forgive me for such a late answer to your fax of October 18 ?

I am afraid my answers to your questions will arrive off time-limit and will not be useful to your report on the 2nd Design Competition.

Nevertheless, let me obey anyway.

  1. Have you find new things etc. ?  and  Do you see progress etc?
  1. Yes, several new ideas have been shown, and my Colleagues of the International Jury and myself we have had interesting discussions to select the ones more worthy than the others to receive the awards.

And, even more important, we have realized that some of the companies exhibiting at the Shanghai Furniture Fair 2000 were engaged in the elaboration of their autonomous product policy, clearly aiming to address their products to a specific  consumer’ target, so to carve their own market niche.

  1. How do you think the competition etc. 
  1. One of the roles of the furniture exhibition – in fact, this is true for every products’ shows – is to offer  manufacturers the stimulus generated by the  comparison among themselves, which is the starting point of any fair competition.

If you add the potential impulse “to be better than my competitor” raising from a formal Competition ( … same word may cause confusion, in English; in Italian we translate competition with concorrenza, and Competition with Concorso ), the development is reinforced and accelerated.

  1. What is special to you etc. ?
  1. The potential energy of the Chinese furniture industry, in conjunction, more in general, with the increasing attention to the quality of the buildings, of the public roads network, of the public and private services, of the products.

Also, from another point of view, the courtesy and the smiling attitude of almost all the Chinese persons I have met, with a special mention of Mr. Ja and Mr. Wang Mingliang  ( you to decide if it is politically appropriate to mention them )

Least, but not last, the high professional quality of my Colleagues of the International Jury, from whom I have learnt a lot.


As far as the regulations on design protection regards, I have had the honour to receive by the hands of leaders of the mission sent by your Prime Minister Zhu Ronji, the freshly printed text of the new Chinese Law for the Protection of Models and Industrial Design published on 25th August and written according to the guidelines of the European Union Directive 98/71/CE approuved by the European Parliament on 28 August 1998, whose text I had discussed with my Colleague Mr. Jia and Mr. Wang Mingliang.

Thanks for your kind words in the incipit of your fax.   Let me say that I have much appreciated your assistance and your knowledge, which you hide with polite discretion.

My best regards

Rodrigo Rodriquez

Chairman, Federlegno-Arredo